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Class 1 Learning



We do not send home list of spellings to learn at home, however the children learn through the ‘Look, Cover and Write’ method at school as shown by the photograph above using high frequency lists.  This saves any stress of learning set words at home and stops any reinforcement of the children that are good and those that may struggle.  If children want to practice at home then this is a good method of learning whilst writing.  So spelling and writing the word down helps children learn the writing pattern and then connections (as does regular reading) are made.  If your child wants to learn spellings at home (later in the year) then I can provide you with lists.   


Our library afternoon is THURSDAY and your child will be able to choose one or two books to bring home each week.  You will know these are library books as they have a coloured label on their spine (green or white).  Our aim is to promote a love of books and we hope your child enjoys using the library as much as we do running it.  These books can be shared with your child or you can read them to your child or they can read to you.  Quite often children begin to choose books that are large or look like they are for older readers, we try to advise, guide and help, but fundamentally these are their choices and need supporting.  The library is run by year 6 children and any books that are unwanted but in a clean condition are gratefully received.

There is a red box in the foyer for any library books you would like to return instead of waiting until the next library session.  Please feel free to pop them back in whenever you have finished with them and don’t worry if you have accumulated lots of books at home!


After lunch, class 1 splits into a spelling group, a ‘free writing’ group, a guided reading group and a quiet reading group.  The groups are rotated around every day.  However, on a Friday afternoon the children are paired with a year 6 child.  The year 6 children have been trained to hear the children read and will sometimes place a comment in the orange reading record.





We have now become a Tagtiv8 school!

Follow the link  http://tagtiv8.com

TagTiv8 provide a unique set of Active learning Games to create fun, active and engaging opportunities to improve mathematics.  We have started to use these resources to investigate place value, recognising numbers to 100 and finding 1 more and 1 less than any given number as well as odd and even numbers-phew!  Tagtiv8 is evidenced based which demonstrates that children who are physically fit are better at absorbing and retaining new information.  It was great FUN!

The pictures show the children working together cooperatively and actively engaged to order their numbers-after lots of games in the playground.




The children enjoyed painting, taking time and really concentrating and they were proud of their finished picture.  They were asked to paint a friend-the pictures should be on the way home soon!



Class 1 Ambassadors

Every week until Christmas, two children are chosen on a Monday morning to represent their class in the Good Work Assembly on Friday afternoon.  They each choose another child to award a certificate to and have the opportunity to sit on chairs throughout the assembly.  They will read and award their certificate in front of the entire school.  The certificates are signed by the Ambassador and should come home in the blue bags.  By Christmas every child will have been an ambassador and every child will have been awarded a certificate! Nepotism and popularity is never a factor in class 1!! The certificates can be awarded for work in the classroom or a kind and friendly act as shown below.


I would like to nominate this person because ‘she helps me when I took the register she holds the door for me, she plays with me and always shares and is really kind. My certificate goes to …


I would like to nominate this person because ‘he does great work with maths and works hard.’  My certificate goes to …


Dogs Trust-18th September 2017

LA from the Dog’s Trust visited school on Monday morning and brought Winnie the Pug to meet all the children and talk about the work of the Dogs Trust, identify what a dog needs to be happy and how to stay safe around a dog.  Just ask your child about the visit!  If an unknown dog does approach a child, then the advice is to stand still with arms crossed. If a dog knocks a child over then the advice is to curl into a ball on the ground and wait for an adult to arrive.


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